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20 December 2014

All of the lawyer members of Sussex Family Solutions are specialist and experienced family lawyers.  They are members of Resolution and adhere to their code of conduct to adopt a none-adversarial and future focused approach to every case.

They are experienced in all aspects of family law and can also assist you in  deciding which process might be the best in your particular circumstances.  They are able to signpost you to other professionals in order that you might receive the appropriate support for every aspect of your case.

Although committed to dispute resolution it is inevitable that in some cases it is not possible for couples to reach agreement or to have a collaborative divorce and a Judge will need to determine the outcome.  If it transpires that this is the situation in your case then a lawyer will help you through the court process to ensure the best possible approach and where necessary enlisting assistance from other experts such as barristers, financial advisors and actuaries.

Our Legal Advice Team